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Greetings from Texas and welcome to our website.

 We are so proud and excited to be the owners of Mission Bell and Tradewinds Resorts. This is our chance to share with you how we became the owners of such quality resorts and why we think our resorts are some of the finest and affordable resorts available anywhere.

 In the summer of 2000, we decided to purchase an RV resort for retirees. We started our long and painstaking quest by visiting several RV resorts in popular warm weather states like Arizona, California, Florida, New Mexico, Nevada and Texas. We wanted to find the perfect RV Resort that offered quality and fun at an affordable price. We were searching for more than just an investment; we were looking for a lifestyle and something to be personally involved with. In sum, we were very picky and had four strict criteria for our purchase:

1. a warm weather state
2. a quiet location close to shopping and quality medical facilities
3. lots of amenities and things to do in the surrounding area
4. a friendly atmosphere

Many people told us we were being too particular and would never find a resort to meet all our requirements. They were wrong. After nearly four years, we finally found Mission Bell and Tradewinds. Here is how we reached our goals.

 In the beginning, we found lots of things we did not like about the RV resorts we visited. Although they were located in warm weather states, they did not meet the rest or our requirements. For example, Florida and California had too many people to satisfy us. We also thought the prices were expensive, and downright unaffordable in some places if we wanted to stay in a true resort with any amenities to speak of. We also did not like the busy city locations. It seemed we could not find a decent RV park in those states without putting up with traffic, crowds and high prices. Arizona and Nevada were less populated as a whole, except in Las Vegas, Phoenix and Tucson where the prices, which are still on the rise, were nearly as high as in California and Florida. The problem we found with smaller cities in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Nevada was that they had little to offer in the way of activities and things to do in the area. Basically, we found them boring. Finally, we arrived in South Texas where the weather is warm, the people are friendly, the prices are reasonable and there are things to do everywhere you look. You can visit Mexico, South Padre Island, the Gulf of Mexico, and a host of other places within easy driving distance. That is just the start of the fun in our resorts.

 Once we found South Texas, it took us almost three years to find the right resorts to fit the rest of our criteria. A big negative was resorts located along busy roads or in commercial, industrial or other undesirable neighborhoods. We simply did not want to own a park in a noisy or unsafe area. We did not want to be out in the boondocks either. We wanted a quiet, quality neighborhood that was close to shopping and quality medical care. We found those things at Mission Bell and Tradewinds. We are located off Business Hwy. 83 in a residential area with beautiful homes around us. We are not tucked back in an undesirable area like so many RV resorts.

 Our next bone of contention was resorts that were poorly maintained. Many of these resorts had corporate ownership where it seemed every penny was counted twice. Tight budgets intended to please investors left areas of the resorts in need of repairs. None of the residents knew the names of any of the investors/owners, nor had they ever met a single one of them. Personal contact did not exist. It left us wondering how any of these investors could make decisions on how the resorts should be operated and maintained in the best interests of its customers. At Mission Bell and Tradewinds, we can assure you that we are family owned, committed to keeping our resorts in tip-top shape and personally visit our parks and visit with our tenants often. We insist that our on-site managers be customer oriented. You have our assurance that your needs will be met at our resorts and that we value your business. To prove it, we will complete about $100,000 in amenity additions and upgrades as well as repairs to our parks in the first year of ownership alone. We don't count pennies.

 Our goal is to become the number one resort in South Texas for quality, fun, and amenities per capita and environment. We have just over 700 spaces in both parks combined. We are big enough to offer all the amenities of the big resorts, but small enough so you can still know your neighbors. In fact, we think per person, our park offers much more than those impersonal, corporate "biggies". We strive to maintain our hometown atmosphere and welcome you to become part of it. We hope you will give us the chance to meet you and get to know you. When staying at our resorts, you will have contact with the owners. If your experience has been with corporate ownership, we promise you will be amazed at the difference family ownership offers. We are truly interested in your having a fun-filled and quality retirement life at our resorts.

 We know your time is valuable, and in closing, want to thank you for taking the time to time to learn more about us. We hope to see you soon.


Bob and Christina Knoles